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Kurýr na Slovensko

From a system on a scratch of paper to a thoughtful logistics app

,,Beep, beep, beep...beep, beep, beep..”
,,We have a good bunch of packages today, don´t we Josh?”

There is quite a rush at the depot of the company Kurýr na Slovensko (Courier to Slovakia). Each day, their drivers cover approximately 5000 kilometres to deliver their clients´ packages. Before, they only needed a pen and a piece of paper to organise themselves. Today, they are a good step ahead and they work with a functional mobile app that helps them in every phase of transportation.

Transport to Slovakia and back

Would you like to have something delivered to Slovakia? No matter where you are in the Czech Republic, our client's team will deliver your package to any place in the neighbouring country within 24 hours.
It can be a small parcel or even a whole stack of them.

They have been driving with cargo since 2009, and until recently, they had managed it with administration only in a paper form. However, it was neither comfortable nor efficient, especially as they are doing fine and their orders are getting bigger.

An app to facilitate couriers´ job

It is said that paper can handle everything, nonetheless, it is not very practical to use on the road since transport includes a whole set of individual tasks - from taking over the delivery from the supplier to check-in at the depo, loading for the route and the final pick-up of the parcel. And that is a lot of paperwork.

The goal of the app was to optimize these processes and make the courier´s job easier and quicker because instead of a pile of papers, he will only need to take a scanner or a smartphone with him. 

Software to succeed in the terrain

Our previous projects, such as the Eurobit app for delivery of fuels or the solution for Wareldo which automates shipping, have convinced the managers of Kurýr na Slovensko that the work will turn out successful. Moreover, we possess experience with QR code loading, which was part of the assignment.

Since our client reached out to us based on our references, the deal was soon made, and a plan for an application with a short period for its realization was ready. 

We took the following steps:

  • thorough analysis,
  • draft of diagram for application flow,
  • design proposal,
  • the approval process with the client,
  • app development linked to the existing backend,
  • field testing. 

Development of a logistic app has its specifics 

The final Android application had to be as much transparent as possible and avoid any complicated processes. We adjusted the design to Zebra scanners with which the couriers work. In each phase of the transportation, they scan the parcels, and in doing so, update their status.

This modern app now allows everyone to see comfortably and clearly what is happening with the parcel at any given moment. So the administration is much easier and well-arranged for everyone at the company. 

"The way of communicating and dealing with Dactyl is a pleasant surprise in the tangle of many IT companies, and the result of the cooperation is at a high level." — Ing. Pavel Simanský CEO, Kurýr na Slovensko s.r.o.

Change paper for a digital tool. We can design applications and systems, which prove themselves in the field. We take pride in their easy usability, good layout and transparency for all users. 

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