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Roger, app which connects businessmen and investors

Which businessman never needed money before the due date of the invoice? And which investor doesn’t want to evaluate his money? The Roger app connects businessmen and a thousand independent investors. Businessmen get the money they need, and investors make a profit. It's a win-win solution thanks to an app from Dactyl Group. 

Investment, sgn.: Safely

You also may have some unused money and want to evaluate them. What will you do with them?

You can help some Czech businessmen and also earn some money. That’s a perfect job for Roger.

Roger connects you, as an investor, with businessmen which need to redeem invoices before their maturity. All you need to do is to choose an invoice and offer an interest.

Imagine that you have all your investments in your pocket all the time. That’s why a Roger app was made.

What do you expect from an app like this?

We will guess:

  • Bulletproof security. It’s all about money.
  • No errors.
  • Perfectly fast reactions. You could skip the best auctions without them.

These three points basically define our assignment for Roger app development. To be honest it’s not a casual and easy one. We are talking about an app that has to be invincible. Even if someone will steal your phone.

And we did it.

2 Rogers in 1

Everyone, who will download a Roger app for Android or iOS, gets 2 in 1 pack.

  1. Roger Payment: That’s the place where you can have the invoice paid.
  2. Roger Auction: The place for investing. We need to react to auctions in time.  That’s why we have used time synchronization by NTP.

What is NTP synchronization? Net Time Protokol helps to synchronize time on all devices.

How did we solve the biggest challenge about security?

  • You are signing in to the app by fingerprint or security code.
  • If you have an iPhone the app may also want a Face ID.

If you want to have a reliable app it needs to run smoothly and without errors. That’s why we have made beta testing with users, who helped us to find every single error or problem.

As an investor, you need to have a constant overview of your finances. Roger will help you with this problem by notifications which always shows you actual information about the auctions.

Download Roger app and have the newest features

How successful is our app? The investor’s reactions are great. A lot of them like our app and invest only through it

We have arranged an extension with our client. Roger will soon get a lot of new functions.

Try the app too. Let your invoices get paid or evaluate your money. Download Roger for free for Android and iOS and get to know with this app.

Would you rather like your own app? Read, how are we developing apps in Dactyl.

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