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Moje Léky app: Best tool for your medicaments

„Which medicines do you take“
„One red medicine in the morning and two blue ones in the afternoon. What were their names?“
That is not a joke but a classic situation at the doctors Kerekeš’s ordination. It is a tough job to tell him all the medicines that his patients take. That's why we have made an app together which remembers all our medicines. And by two clicks send a request for the recipe to your doctor.

All the medicine in one app

What does the Moje Léky app do?

  • Contains all medicines from the State Institute for Medicinal Control.
  • You can easily click which of them you use.
  • You can see how often and for which reason you take medicine.
  • Show your doctor the medicine you use through the app.
  • With a few clicks, you will send a receipt request to your doctor and so you don't have to go to his surgery.

Simply: No more recollecting. No more waiting in ordination because of the receipt. Just one extra practical app.

Senior with a smartphone? Yes!

We have built the app mainly for seniors. Do you think that seniors won’t use a mobile app? Mistake!
The number of seniors with a smartphone is increasing. Last year, a third of seniors over the age of 65 used a smartphone, and in the 55-65 age group it was even 65% of people.
We had to think about the fact that most seniors don't use mobile phones as often as their grandchildren. That’s why the Moje Léky app is simple and easy to use.

Safety first

The best thing is that information about the medicines will never leave your phone. The app runs also in offline mode so no one will reach your data. 
You will only need an internet connection at the moment when you send a request for a recipe to your doctor.  

Download it for free

The app is free to use for iOS and Android. Dr. Kerekes left it accessible to everyone and for free.
It may help your grandma – and maybe to you. You know: Sometimes it is hard to remember one medicine that you use for years.

Moje Léky in Google Play

Moje Léky in AppStore

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