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Mobile application for Olomouc AR

Innovative mobile application with augmented reality

For the city of Olomouc we have created an innovative mobile application whose main function is to show interesting places in the city through augmented reality. All data displayed in the mobile application can be managed by the client via web administration.

Who control displayed data, rules the application

Project specification and description of augmented reality was very general. In addition, the client had uncompromising requirements to be able configure every detail from his own internal information system. This combination, with a close deadline and complex technology of augmented reality, was challenging and we were happy to embrace this challenge

Solution for everyone

After an initial feasibility analysis and consideration of suitable technology, we focused on the assignment and formed it into a clear and complete specification. The project also included graphics that followed the application's analysis and prototype.

For the implementation of augmented reality, we used external libraries, which, however, do not support all, especially older, devices. For these, we have prepared a backup plan with the consent of the submitter and the application offers users an alternative to rendering points in a panoramic photo.

It is also possible to add additional languages to the application without the need to issue a new version of the application. Changing the application language is real-time, there is no need to restart the application.

The user can download all the data to the cell phone and run the app completely offline, with no need for an internet connection while walking around the city. 

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