What can we do?

Develop. Top notch. We develop applications, websites, systems and complement your internal team with our developers.

Mobile app development

We know how to make apps that easily guide users  and, moreover, they enjoy it. Or teach. Or saves him work. It's up to you.

Website and systems development

The website or system from Dactyl Group will be great for you, because we use the latest technologies and build on our own content management system.

Dedicated team

Are you planning to develop or are you missing a senior developer? We will lend you Dactyl mates. Feel free to assemble the whole team.

Our work

“What we praise, in addition to the functionality itself, is perfect communication, following budgets, deadlines, immediate solutions to any problem, and ideas for improvement.”
Milan Paul Marketing & Ticketing by Rock For People

Tell us about your project

Is it feasible?
How much will it cost you?
And when will it be done?
We will discuss everything with you.

How can we help?

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Cookies are not sweets, but text files

We want to have an overview of how it goes on our website. But you have the power to affect how much we know about your visit.

As application and web developers, we are very interested in analytical data, so we will be grateful for your absolute consent.