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Eurobit app: The hammer on the time-wasters

Peep-peep, SMS again!

The man behind a computer sighs opens a document and rewrites the text letter by letter into it. Already the fifteenth time that day.

This is how it looked like in Eurobit not a long time ago. The man behind the computer is a company’s managing director and today he is no longer bothered by the text messages.  

When the fleet grows up

The Eurobit company has a fleet of 27 trucks that are transporting fuel. 

We need to have an overview of which truck came to the station and when. That's why the drivers have sent unstructured texts to the managing director. He had to manually rewrite the texts into the shared document and into the worksheet. 

This system worked when the company had only a few drivers. But as a fleet grew up the rewriting process took more and more time.

The company needed a smart solution. And we figured it out.

Click-click. And it’s done!

We have designed and developed:

  • smart intern system
  • simple mobile app

They are a super-effective couple together. When the driver arrives at the final destination he turns up a mobile app and the app will fill in:

  • the place where he just arrived
  • how many hours was he on the trip
  • which cargo is he transporting

The driver just confirms - and it’s done. The information is automatically added to the intern system.

No SMS. No rewriting. The managing director just opens the system and can see today’s overview and also long-term statistics. 

He finally has time for meaningful work. And the drivers don't have to write the texts. 

Simplicity and an offline mode

Why is the app interesting (besides that it saves time on all fronts)?

  • It’s super simple. A lot of drivers don't use any apps. That's why we made sure that our app will be easy to use and also will simplify their work.
  • It has an offline mode. There are some situations when you have no access to the internet connection. The app will save the information and send the report at the moment when the internet connection available. 

Be like Eurobit company: Stop wasting your time

Unfortunately, You cannot download our app for Eurobit company. But we will be happy to create one for you.

Let us know about your process problems. We will make them effective before you say Dactyl.

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