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Velké Bílovice wineries
An app where you won't get lost even after a glass of wine 

The phrase “women, wine and chant” does have its home. And that is Velké Bílovice, the largest wine town with around 748 hectares of vineyards. They are cultivated by approximately 1056 winemakers who go against the time and tempt their visitors to install an elaborate tourist guide. 

Cellars that you can see

Each year, thousands of wine lovers visit Velké Bílovice. Although it is quite a small town, one can easily lose his way there. Walking from door to door and trying whether it is open could ruin the impression of the local warm hospitality.

Since modern wine producers from the Velkobílovičtí vinaři association wanted to avoid this, they came up with an idea to create a mobile application which shows you all open cellars including the way to get there.

Mobile app for an easy orientation

The task was simple - create a mobile tool that shows the visitor information and navigation to all the cellars, where he or she can go at that moment to do some tasting and enjoy oneself. The app needed to work well in the field and an offline mode while at the same time enabling all winegrowers a clear administration and editing of the data about their places.

It was a success.
All around pensions, hotels or public places, the visitors of Velké Bílovice can now find a QR code to download an application, where they will see: 

  • individual wineries from the Velkobílovičtí vinaři association and information about them,
  • opening hours of each cellar,
  • availability of accomodation,
  • contact details of the wineries,
  • a map of the wineries around town,
  • news

The app is now actively used by more than half of the local winemakers, which is above our initial expectations, since most of them are farmers and from older generations. Winegrowers especially appreciate the navigation function and experience themselves that when they label their cellar as “open”, they receive significantly more visitors. The usage data proves the same as well. 

Do not let anyone search for you

An elaborate application can make people enjoy themselves and come back again. Our work is like that. This app wasn't in any way the first of its kind. We can do event and also tourist apps. Or both in one. You can read about our successful application for the festival Rock for People, the capital city Prague or The trade fairs Brno. And then let us know if you need anything similar. 

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