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The RLAN portal for ČTÚ – the European pioneer in frequency line orderer

,,We have another project for the Czech Telecommunication Office. They need to create a system for Internet providers and users of the 5.2., 5.8 and 60 GHz frequency bands.”

“Wait what, for users of which bands?!” 

That's how it started.

Some projects are a challenge from the beginning. We are all the happier when the final work works. And this one in particular - it crosses the Czech border!

Do you use frequency bands? You must register

If you're an ISP, you probably know what we're writing about. If not, we'll be happy to introduce you simply - 60, 5.8 and 5.2 GHz are unlicensed radio bands for high-speed wireless internet transmission.  

They are regulated by the Czech Telecommunication Office. There are reasons for this.

The stations cancel each other out. In order not to harm each other, it is necessary to check various parameters for their smooth operation. The newly created system calculates itself and verifies that they are not in conflict. However, it is not possible without records (i.e. mandatory registrations).

Website for a VERY specific target group

We already cooperated with the CTU and knew how to work. But we went against the result. It can never be trampled without a good understanding of the topic, so we really immersed ourselves in the issue and continuously proposed the ideal solution. The web-based system for registering frequency bands must, uh, simply be quite unusual - specific in terms of technical content and functions. We therefore looked at it through the eyes of its users and consulted the content with them. We knew they were technically proficient and had clear needs. It was challenging, but it worked.

The portal now allows:

  • register stations,
  • detect conflicts with a coordination calculator,
  • communicate with other operators (anonymised because of GDPR).

After all - even if you don't have a 60 GHz antenna, you can check it at

Powerful portal aka European pioneer

In 24 hours after launch, 8,000 stations were registered. At the time of writing, there are about 60,000. The website is therefore interesting not only for a coordination calculator calculating the mutual interference of stations and visualization on a map with additional information, but also for its performance, which we have sufficiently prepared for the initial attack.  

Its functionality is a pioneer among EU countries.

As a proof-of-concept, our system is gradually breaking into other countries. As it opens a new segment of work with providers and makes spectrum available, it is already connecting all operators in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and is moving on. With its help, the station is no longer disrupted even at the borders. No other solution offers similar functionality.

A government IT project does not have to be faux paus

The proof is this portal for the CTU. At times we were torn down like a cherry orchard in July, but we delivered it on time, thoughtful and functional.

We dare almost do anything. If you also need a customized information system, contact us.


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