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Websites and e-commerce that no one will want to leave

Since we were founded we tried to outsource website and CMS development to four different IT companies. Eventually, when we started cooperation with Dactyl Group, we found the right partner that satisfied our needs - they work quickly, they are reliable and all that for a reasonable cost.

4,9/5 overall customer satisfaction and recommended by 98% of customers

The main reason why we are working with Dactyl for a long time are good communication, prompt troubleshooting, quick programming of new features and good price.

Small and medium websites

Basic site creation package includes management system (CMS) for web content management with modern graphic template and subsequent support.

Tailored websites

Advanced administration of complete web content with the possibility of extending individual administration functions tailored to your project, unique graphic template included.

E-shops and e-commerce applications

We create both small and large e-shops integrated with your information system and with individual customized functionality. Complete content management including language mutations.

Work is not done after initial launch

We know from experience that there is always something to change or improve on the web after the public release. We are ready for continuous project development after its initial launch.

Technical support

Technical support

You will have direct contact with one of our managers who will be available during project realization and even after its launch.

Guarantee of functionality

Guarantee of functionality

Quick response is guaranteed We guarantee handling of all requests and reported errors according to agreed deadlines.

Continuous growth and development

Continuous growth and development

After the project is launched it is seen by selected customers for the first time. On basis of clients needs we are receiving web change requests and we are ready to reflect and satisfy clients requirements promptly or continue in the development of the project.

Web development process

Initial consultation

At the first non-binding meeting, we are getting acquainted with the client's ideas and his requirements. Then we choose the optimal solution and suggest further steps.


We create the assignment, find out the essential circumstances discuss the technologies and the possibilities of system deployment. Based on the analysis we determine the price of the project.


Based on the analysis, we design the structure of the website and its subpages. We create a wireframe or prototype where you can test basic element layout and user interface.

Designing graphic template

Our team of designers create a modern and unique graphic template for the project with respect to client’s requirements.

Web development

We code the graphic template and deploy it to a modern content management system (CMS) supplemented by new unique functionalities tailored for the project. Development is managed by agile methodologies and supervised by project manager.


Project output undergoes comprehensive testing on several levels - from code review through unit tests to carefully designed user testing.


We will deploy your project on our server and take care about fast and trouble-free operation. You will have direct contact on one of our project managers who will be available to you during project development and after it is launched.

How much does website and e-commerce development cost

We can’t say the exact price of the project right now, but we know from experience how difficult it is to make a presentation website or how much time we spend on a customized e-shop.

1 500 - 3 000 EUR

With this budget we are able to create a modern web presentation with our graphic template. A simple e-shop can also be a part of it, and we can also make smaller adjustments to your needs.

3 000 - 5 000 EUR

For this price, we make customized websites, including analysis, wireframe and unique graphic template. We also count on the development of new tailored functionalities.

5 000 - 10 000 EUR

Sufficient budget for complex websites or e-shop linked to information system and other third party services. Of course there is a unique graphics, development of specific functions and other CMS adjustments. We can also link websites with mobile application.

10 000 - 35 000 EUR

We can see this project is serious. Probably you want to build a bigger custom system with a lot of specific functionality and third party application integrations. We are thrilled to take care of everything from analysis and design to follow-up support and further development.

More than 35 000 EUR

You know what, we invite you to have a good coffee, so we can discuss everything personally :-) ...

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