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Czech people are known around the world to be good engineers. So it is no surprise that we have companies such as Sobriety here. It is a research organization, which focuses on its product design and complex services in the area of computational simulations. It provides its software, hardware, and expert analysis to clients like the European space agency and prominent representatives of the Czech industry. 

Websites for the technically proficient

The client turned to us with a task to create a new web presentation. The former web did not reflect the rapid growth, which the company had experienced in the past. The key issue lay in the diversity of the offered services and products. Thus, an analysis became the first step in the realization of the project. 

60 hours of analysis       1 month of development       4 developers

Diligent analysis as the basis of a web success

During several intensive discussions with the key representatives of different departments, we mapped the most significant types of services and products that were to represent the company. Together with the company's management, we have designed an optimal structure of web presentation and its individual parts. 
Based on the collected data, we followed with a proposal of wireframes and an interactive web prototype which enabled the client to try out all important elements of the future presentation and test their basic functionality. 

Based on the feedback, we were able to flexibly adjust the former proposal and include all client´s remarks. One of the requirements for the new web was a concrete launch date, which was bound by the participation of the client in fairs abroad. Therefore we only had 20 working days from the approval of the prototype to the final web. 

We have created a graphic design of a template which we have then encoded and transferred to DactylCMS, where we have developed all the necessary functionalities. It was also thanks to the flexibility of our CMS that we have managed to stick to the deadline and handed the new web to our client so that they could present it at the foreign fairs. At the same time, we suggested further changes, which we have made during the development in the next period. The result is a high-quality presentation matching a top technology company, where the users quickly find what they are looking for. 

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