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Why are we building web sites in our own system? Because they grow with our business

Maybe even you need something more than just a static web. You are planning a reservation system, web-connected to a mobile app or a web page with an online calculator for insurance.

Is it possible to add some gadgets like that on your web? Maybe yes, maybe no. What matters is your CMS.

Is your web suitable for our CMS? You gonna find the answer in our article.

Quick recap: What’s CMS?

CMS = content management system. It’s an environment that you can use for adding and managing content on your web site or application. There are a bunch of freely accessible CMS like WordPress or TYPO3. And then there is CMS developed especially to cover your needs - like ours.

Help! Dead-end!

Imagine having a really nice cafe in the center of Brno. This coffee has a web presentation developed on some free CMS. Let’s say WordPress for instance. The place is crowded from dawn till dusk and you need to start handling reservations and the online reservation system seems perfect. But that’s hard to be done. The supplier is puzzled by the whole situation and in the end, he will show up with a solution that will never be even close to what you actually wanted.

In Dactyl, we are trying to prevent that. We are developing web for clients with special requirements for now or for the future. In those moments it’s crucial that our solution won’t slow our customer down.

That’s why we developed our own CMS and we are working with it for 6 years. We are able to solve basically any inconveniences that might occur. We can adapt it, edit or build it so in the end, we can come up with gadgets like travel insurance calculator, cost managing and connection with a mobile application.

What was important for us during the CMS development?

  • Easy to use. Understandable for everyone

  • Flexibility. We can create anything. 

  • Modularity. We prepared modules for integration of ERP system, EET, payment Gateway… We can easily come up with a solution that fits just your needs without you having to pay more than necessary.

  • Suitable for web and mobile apps.

Content managing is intuitive with our CMS. You’ll understand it in a few seconds.

„They are building it on their own CMS. You won’t ever be able to work with that!”

You might occur opinions like that about “private” CMS. Actually it’s quite the opposite. We are able to edit our systems in ways that they can meet even the most unusual requirements. 

Yes, we should be doing all the changes you might need. But editing is always possible and unlimited. It’s our own system, therefore, we are able to edit it fast with guaranteed quality and functionality.

But if you decide that you want to use some other supplier we’re ok with that either. We’ll provide you source code in PHP which is one of the most common programming languages out there so your new supplier shouldn’t have problems working with it. 

“Our job doesn’t end with the developed web it rather starts. Our clients are partners and we provide them full support during a whole life cycle from the very beginning when we are designing and creating the project and then after handover, we continue to support and develop it.” Jiří Semmler, web developer.

Every web needs a long time service. And if you have a web from us we can take care of it with all the things that will be necessary.

From our workshop

Do you want to see a few examples what is possible to build with our CMS?

We can create almost anything and it's gonna be cheaper and easier than trying to break into some already existing system.

Preview our applications for Brno Fair.

Is our CMS suitable for you?

We understand that not every business needs CMS as good and complex as ours. You should consider what your expectations are about your web, e-shop or application.

Our solution is ideal for you if:

  • you need something specific and a static web is not enough.

  • you want to be sure that you can add any new functionality in the future.

  • you plan on a mobile application.

  • you want a perfect web or application from Dactyl because we only work with our reliable system.

On the other hand, if you need just some simple presentation web which you can build by yourself or with some other supplier and you are ok with the fact that in a few years you might need to build the whole thing from scratch you probably will be fine with free systems. They have the advantage of a strong community which can help you solve any problem.

What you should get from this article?

Before you start your new web, application or reservation system you should put down what you actually need it to do and what are your plans for the future. Will your requirements still be the same? Do you have any unusual specifications for your web? Do you need or will need any specific solution? Contact us.

In Dactyl we have experience with web and mobile applications that meet the exact needs of our clients. Our solution won’t slow you down. Not now not ever.

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