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Website for RE / MAX Delux real estate agency

RE/MAX Delux, a Brno real estate company, is part of the RE/MAX worldwide real estate network. RE/MAX Delux is one of the fastest growing real estate agencies, and it has been helped by a website that we have been developing since 2017. The company requires several objectives from the presentation:

  • offer real estate in their portfolio
  • offer services related to real estate activities
  • recruitment of new employees

We built the solution on our DactylCMS, which allows flexible adjustment and customization. The DactylCMS was connected to the central XML feed RE/MAX to be able to draw all data related to real estate. The updates are performed automatically without the administrator's intervention and also it's possible to completely manage the real estate portfolio in the web administration. There was implemented an accurate map view and contact form for each property on the site. Requests from the form receive a broker who ensures the realization of real estate.

An important part of the website is also the offer of services related to real estate activities. These services include inquiry forms that are designed intuitively to eliminate difficulty with completing and sending them. The graphics and UX used also lead the user to a clear goal - submitting the form. The same approach was applied to bid forms.

We continue to work with the client on the website. We are tuning SEO to get the best results from organic search. With this constant work, the web keeps rising naturally in search results. Wide possibilities of SEO editing directly in DactylCMS help to achieve this.

We continually collect feedback from customers and clients to improve site structure, UX, and background processes. The latest addition is a significant expansion of connections to the RE / MAX headquarters. Thanks to this modification, it is possible to view all RE / MAX properties in the Czech Republic on the website. More than 7,000 properties require optimized data update access as well as a server with sufficient capacity.

Thanks to very close and good cooperation with the client, we are able to develop the whole presentation together and achieve better results.


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