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Mobile game development

Our domain is not only mobile application development we can also ensure the development of mobile games for our clients. Whether the goal is to create a game purely for user entertainment, marketing purposes or brand enhancement, we are always able to advise on its design and take care of the entire development process after release. Thanks to our experience you can leave the whole project of mobile game development count on us.

What is a mobile game?

Mobile games belong to the category of so-called entertainment software, which is mainly used to make users enjoy it. Entertainment software is divided into several other categories. One of these is the division based on the platform or device on which the game can be played on. Mobile games, as the name suggests, fall into a category that can be played on mobile devices, mostly on smartphones and tablets. Most of the mobile games in this category can be used with Android and iOS systems. This is not only because of the spread of these platforms, but also because both systems have a friendly approach to developers and give them the opportunity to develop new mobile games and publish them in their stores, providing an ideal way to distribute to users.

The difference between mobile game and application

Mobile game is in fact also an application. It runs under the same operating system and must have the same features to run. However, there is a striking difference in the content itself. A typical application contains forms, lists, photos and possibly animation or video. The mobile game, however, contains much more demanding multimedia content. It creates a scene, objects and sound as well that must interact dynamically together. Games are therefore significantly more demanding on the development and computing resources of the device on which they run. The vast majority of them are based on the so-called game engine, a framework that takes care of the dynamic rendering of all objects on the scene. Each engine is suitable for a different type of game and not all engines can handle all requirements.



Development of mobile games

We have experience in the development of mobile games in the Unity engine, which is one of the most used game engines in the world and currently more than 50% of all new mobile games are created in it. He created such hits as Angry Birds, Beat Saber or Pokemon Go. The Unity engine enables the development of both 2D and 3D games and has support for virtual and augmented reality games. In addition, Unity allows you to port games to other platforms. Therefore, it is not a problem to modify the game to run under Windows system.



Mobile games design

Game development is not just about programming. Its essential part is design, modeling and creation of all graphic materials. Graphics for games are fundamentally different from those for regular mobile apps, so we have specialists in our team who have experience with specific graphics requirements for mobile games and are able to maximize its playability. This is the only way to bring a successful game to life.

What games we can develop?

We have created a simple game based on a logical puzzle game, where the emphasis is on good gameplay and clear graphics, because it is aimed at the younger generation of players. We did not forget the sophisticated graphic animations and music that accompanies the game.

Tower defense game which contains a large number of maps, attack towers and lots of diverse enemies with artificial intelligence. It differs from other games of similar type by building towers anywhere on the map, causing the enemy's path to change dynamically.

Defender AR
There is also one augmented reality (AR) game in our portfolio. This is another tower defense shooter, similar to Rezist, with the difference that you can play it in 3D, for example, directly in your living room on the table.