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Business app: Let the 21st century came to your company


Is it really the 21st Century? 

All you need is to visit some Czech company and you will doubt it

In the first company takes every invoice an hour cuz they need 4 people to deal with it. Everyone, in the second company, is scared of the end of the month because they have to prepare reports due to multiple different excel tables. In the third company, it is normal that they forget to execute some orders

It happens all over again:

Delay. Unnecessary expenses. Routine work. Error rate.

Does your company also deal with these problems? How to deal with it? Sometimes all you need is one cleverly designed app

The app is a worker, not a toy

Most of you use apps just for playing mobile games, IDOS or Email. Your app can also hide a complicated company system and make work easier for the whole company. 

Good app is like the most hardworking employee: plans helps, does a routine job and doesn’t need a wage or a coffee from the company's coffeemaker.

What can the app do for you? 

The best explanation is by example.

One of our clients needed to make his processes more organized. He had a service company where orders were made like this:

  1. A customer sent an email with a demand.
  2. Employee rewrote the demand into the ERP system.
  3. Made protocol in paper form.
  4. Gave that protocol to the technician.
  5. The technician came to the place and done a service.
  6. Accepted a payment, gave a paper bill, and manually added the bill to the ERP system.

This process costs a lot of time and more importantly gave space for mistakes. What if the e-mail from the customer felt in the spam.
That's how we have rebuilt the whole system with an internal app.

  1. Customers make an order through the online system (app).
  2. The system makes the rest: Informs the technician and effectively plans him the directions to the place.
  3. The technician came to the place, repairs, get paid, and confirms by the app.

It’s done and without mistakes. Technicians are satisfied, administration employees have less routine work to do, customer’s problem was solved in time and the whole company saved money.

Reports by two clicks

We can tell you a lot of similar stories about other companies:
In one company 4 people had to deal with just one invoice. Now they just need to add basic info to the app. In a second company, employees had to prepare reports from a lot of tables. Nowadays the app can make a report in a second

What can the app do for you?

  • Make your processes more organized.
  • You will no longer have a routine job.
  • Save you hours of time (and money).
  • Help you to solve client’s problems faster and without mistakes.

Your businessmen can have the app while they are on the way to their clients. They can calculate an offer at the place and make a deal with the client.

The app can help you to plan food deliveries so you won't lose a minute of your time.

The app will push you to the 21st century.

Most important question?

The most important question is: Is the app worth it? 
It may sound bad like we are against ourselves cuz we make apps for a living. Bud before you will start to develop one, be sure about:

  • What do you expect from the app?
  • How much will it cost? Is it gonna be worth it?
  • Which functions do you really need?

These questions aren’t simple if you don’t have any experience with apps. But a good and reliable developer company can help you and design an app that will be worth it for you

In Dactyl we always start with a workshop. We find out what exactly should the app do and how could the app look in a minimalistic version which can do all your demands.

We can prepare a workshop like this even for You. All you need is to write to us.

Inspiration from Dactyl

Some inspiration at the end: that’s how our apps serve our clients.

  • Trade fairs Brno: The app guides visitors through the fairs. Helps him to find stalls which he is interested in and to make an appointment.
  • Robe Lighting: The app helps the technicians to set concert lights.
  • ZFP Academy: Every representative of ZFP has an app with important information in his pocket. While he is on his way to a client he can find information about services, model contracts, and company’s news thanks to the app.
  • Roger: The app safely connects investors and businessmen, who need to have their invoice paid before the due date.

And which app are we going to develop for you? 
Let’s discuss it together.