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Robe app: Gives light to every good concert

Do you know what every concert needs besides a band and its equipment?

Lights! But what do Dactyl and lights have in common?

We will tell you a story about the Metallica band, our client ROBE Lighting, and one useful mobile app.

Let's get started.

Who is ROBE Lighting?

ROBE is a Czech company which makes brilliant concert lights. You could have a chance to see ROBE lights, in action, right at the Metallica concert. These lights were also used on the football Championship final ceremony in 2010 and many other events.

Concert Peachy Playhouse Summer Season (source)

The company developed a brand new series of lights that should be able to resist humidity. What a nice move, but there is one problem. You can't control these lights through a touchscreen. They have buttons and a little recessed display, which is why they are more complicated to control. 

How to fix it? 
It needs mobile app development. And that's where we had joined.

The handling must be intuitive

It might seem that you only need to enter some information and that's all. But in fact, it is much more complicated.

The lights have multiple parameters and their handling must be intuitive. First of all, we studied which parameters do operator of lights need to read and which does he need to write down.

We designed the cases where we can use the slider for settings, where to use the text field, or where it is a good option to use a menu selection. That is how the design was made. Its goal was clear: to create a simple and organized interface that makes gaffer's job easier. 

Testing process

We have the graphics design. It is time to implement. We had ideal conditions: ROBE gave us a testing NFC chip, which contained a specific light configuration. Thanks to this chip, we could have continuously tested our app and react to the client's requirements simultaneously.

When the app was finished, we had tested it right on the specific concert light in the production center in Valašské Meziříčí. 

Our clients know each other

Multiple users are already using the app. If our good cooperation with ROBE will continue, we will soon start to develop another big update. 

That is why we are looking forward to the next Rock for People festival. The lights on the festival will be tuned by our app for ROBE, and our other app will guide the visitors.

And how can we help you?

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