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Management of IoT devices - Flajzar control

The company Flajzar is engaged in the development and production of electronic equipment and devices as sensors and other accessories as well as security technology elements. We have created a web application which allows the user to configure and receive reports from these products in one convenient location via a web browser. You can view the device's event history as well as assign access rights to other users. The whole system is of course available in various languages.

Server communication with HW device

The main requirement was both the creation of a web administration and a backend server capable of direct communication with Flajzar devices over the Internet. Although the system is  quite complex is fully functional, well-arranged and clear for users. 

Transparent cross-platform administration

It all started with an analysis of the customer's requirements, on the basis of which we prepared the design of the interface and very quickly created a functional prototype. In cooperation with the client, we modified the functionality and gradually expanded it.

The result is a web-based administration (also usable for mobile devices) with a clear and easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for users to control and set up their devices. To ensure the best possible compatibility with the chips and modules supplied, the entire project was tailored especially for Flajzar.

Use case

For a better explanation, here is a case of using the system we supplied. After logging into the administration, the user selects one of his devices that he has previously paired. It can remotely access the central control unit, for example turn off alarms in the house, or stop automatic irrigation when other family members arrive home. After a brief communication between the server and the device, commands are executed, which is immediately displayed in the administration. Another device in the form of a GPS module can be placed, for example, in a car. In the administration it is then possible to observe the map with the location of the vehicle. This makes it easy to track the movement of a valuable parcel, vehicle, or anything else.

If your company considers development of its own internal information system, cooperation with iot devices or other application development, let us know and will be happy to consult everything with you.

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