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Mobile application for Smartsupp

Smartsupp is a successful Brno startup providing a possibility to place chat on the website to communicate live with visitors. You could also hear about this company in connection with raised 10 million CZK received from Webnode and Spread Capital in 2016.

We were asked if we want to cooperate with Smartsupp in 2015 and we've been working together ever since. Their internal team focused mainly on web application development, so they were looking for a reliable and experienced partner to help them develop mobile applications. Their idea of features and screen layouts was fairly clear, so all we had to do was a graphic design based on Material design and embark on development. This was very fast and trouble-free thanks to the existing and tuned REST API. For Smartsupp, we delivered Android and iOS apps, including publishing assistance and follow-up support.

At that time, Vladimír Šandera said: "The app is fully serviceable and available for use. Dactyl Group’s team of developers are skilled and flexible. Their proactiveness and quick delivery time are notable strengths. Customers can expect premium work at an affordable price."

After some time of project support, Smartsupp referred to us again. This time the idea was to take mobile applications to a whole new level. The primary goal was to add new features that have been added to the web application over the years and make them available for mobile app users. In just two months, we've conducted extensive refactoring and linked applications to a new API that has already been used by web users. Part of the collaboration was also a complete change in the design of the entire application. We added features like the display of chat history, detailed information about each visitor, and many user account settings. New mobile apps also work perfectly on tablets.

Every day tens of thousands of Smartsupp clients use mobile applications. If you want to try them too, register for Smartsupp and download the Android or iOS app. 

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