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Comprehensive web application for discount events

Vytoč.si was created for online affiliate marketing agency Paypera s.r.o. It allows users to easily generate and add contest events to their own websites to attract more customers and increase sales. The application offers a wide range of options: discount coupons, prize rounds, competitions, questionnaires and registration forms to fill out receipt data shareable on social media. 

Payper s.r.o. came up with an idea for a service that would provide an interesting marketing channel in the form of a web application with the option of creating discount events. Whole project was based on a third-party web application prototype that had to be analyzed, completely redesigned and migrated to our technology so we were able to expand the application and deliver more functionality. The challenge was mainly in the complexity and coherence of the whole system. Equally important was the setup of continuous development based on agile methodology.

Our cooperation has started with functional prototype of a system developed by a third party. A lot of time has passed since the prototype was developed and the client's requirements have changed and new ideas came up. After intensive analysis and short experimentation, we agreed to migrate the application to our technology. We have gained a stronger control, higher functionality guarantee and better starting position for further development. We worked closely with the client on the project on long- term basis, adding new possibilities and gradually developed the idea of ​​the entire service.

Even though the original idea was simple we have created a robust system which is user-friendly and clear. Due to the complexity of the system, we put great emphasis on testing, not only at the end of development, but also during its development.

In the administration system it is possible to create discount entities - wheels of fortune, discount coupons, questionnaires, competitions and registration forms. For each entity, you can limit the duration of the action, set any discount value, whether in percentage or in selected currency. It also includes a system that generates text codes that can be replaced with any custom string, or use bar code. In addition to the complete management of discount events, the system also takes care of approval processes and user management, including client billing. Of course, we also thought of the GDPR for the project.

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