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We’re developing tailored complex web systems

What we do

Web portals and e-commerce

We are a supplier of extensive websites and e-shops containing specific business logic, integration with other systems or other tailor-made requirements. For such projects, an initial analysis and a solution proposal is important to control the development fully from the beginning. For example, it may be a web application where users have their own accounts and use certain services, or an internal e-shop for wholesale customers with a specific purchase process.


Backend is the background of a web application invisible to ordinary users. In particular, it serves the administrator or editor to control and manage the data on the public part of the website, so-called frontend. We make this part very often therefore we developed our own Dactyl CMS (content management system) and using it for most of our web projects and mobile apps. Clients administrator can control all their web based content from this system. That includes text, graphics, map locations and more which you control through your CMS and publish to your website or mobile application. Part of our CMS is also REST API which can be used for access to data by third party applications. Another good example of backends are specific systems described below which sometimes even have no frontend for public use.

Specific systems

Client requirements are very specific and that means the system differ greatly from standard websites or e-shops. We love these projects and see them as a challenge to build something that fits perfectly to clients needs. Common types of our orders are systems resembling CMS (Content Management System), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) by their nature. However, each system is specific in its own way and each client expects a slightly different function of the application so we tailor every system to the client’s needs. In some cases, however, there is a requirement to develop an application that is completely unique and often also requires integration with third-party systems, communication with hardware or interconnection of different platforms.

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