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Working at Dactyl? Hardwork balanced by fun

We Czechs spend an average of 8 hours a day at work, i.e. 40 per week, 160 per month, and almost 2,000 hours per year. So much time is worth spending meaningfully and at the same time comfortably, what do you say? Accept the invitation to our office in the center of Brno and see what a working day of a dactylist looks like.

You can get up and work nine-to-five in different ways

We develop applications, websites, and complex systems. The core of our work, therefore, is the hard work behind the keyboard. It can be boring, it can be tiring, it can bother you. But we said we didn't want it that way. We are a team of young people, we enjoy life and work is a natural part of it. We try to enjoy the time spent making money as much as possible. 

Our CTO Siki became the star of the video

He heads the development team. What does his working day look like?

Siki always arrives at work among the first. His routine consists of independent deep work, but also meetings and joint project planning. And during the day, he always finds a moment to chill in our relax room, either at PlayStation (we like to organize tournaments in the NHL and UFC) or at table football.

Dactyl mates are a team

We are a team of people on a similar wave. We like to spend time together not only during joint lunches. Some of us bring our own lunch and then consume them together in the meeting room or in the office. Others like to go to the Garden food concept, Suzie's, or a burger to the Pivní stáj.

After work? Sure, sometimes we go for a beer or karaoke. From time to time we go to play sports together - we run, play tennis or compete in football. And events like teambuildings, barbecues, trips, parties? Um, I guess you can imagine them. We are calmer at breakfasts once every two weeks (see our Instagram). 

Whoever wants, associates. Who doesn’t want, does not have to. In any case, it is important that everyone feels good and knows that they are accepted. This is definitely the case with us - and every opinion has its own space

Our workspace is cool

We are located in the center of Brno, so in an ideal location that offers everything we need. We all do it together (someone also works remotely), but it's not a big open space

Flowers play an important role in our space. We have more oxygen with them. ,, In the office, you will find monsters, zemio, mother-in-law's tongue, difenbachia, greens, peppercorns, plums, lots of photos and more. Doesn't that tell you anything? It doesn't matter to colleagues, nor does it, but they still feel better in a green environment ”adds Helča, who rules our flowers. 

We also really enjoy our mascot Dušan. Who's that? Such a little cuckold. He moves randomly here and is located even in the most unexpected places. He also often oversees whether we are working hard, participating in all joint events, and still having his ears pricked.

Let's not forget - we consider the supplied kitchen to be an integral and important part of our workspace. We always have a lot of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, cookies, drinks, etc. It is necessary to recharge the energy.

We are always looking for new faces

Brno is such a Czech IT Mecca, so there are never enough capable brains. We still miss someone in Dactyl. You know, satisfied clients like to come back and talk about us.

We are working on projects for interesting names, such as the Czech Industrial Health Insurance Company, the Brno Exhibition Grounds, Rock for People, the Czech Telecommunication Office, the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, and others, whose overview we are proud of. Maybe you want to fight such things with us. Now there are about 30 of us and our team is, as usual in IT, classically gender unbalanced (we have girls here, but there are not many of them).

We are currently looking for several new dactyl mates. What they should look like, what we offer them, and what we want from them, we describe in each of the positions in our career section.