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Our marketing? No huge sums, just be useful

Everything we do is useful to our clients. So, we thought: why don’t we share our attitude with our marketing? It may inspire you and after all, we have no secrets.
To begin with, we have good news: marketing does not have to swallow a lot of money. Publish useful content is the right way. 

Learned Dactylák did not fall from the sky. But everyone has to start somewhere.

We started basically on zero-point, but who does not? We had to clear out our minds and decide where are we going and why.

And so we have started in an imperfect state last year. But we have started- that is important.

Our zero-point was a content strategy. It summed everything important what we needed at the beginning:

  • Who we are
  • How do we communicate
  • What is our product
  • Where are we heading
  • Who is our customer
  • Where we want to present ourselves

We didn’t want to use paid ads primarily, so we decided to go the way of social networks and blog articles.  That makes sense for us because this “promo” is not marketing for marketing. It gives you advice, helps, amuses. 

„Based on the analysis, I have created two target groups in B2B and B2C communication. In B2B is our content targeting to clients and in B2C we are talking to our fans and potential colleagues. Both groups are covered by the community which we are trying to build up.“ —⁠ Helena Fadrná, UX/UI designer & Marketing manager

We are building an open community

We have figured out, that we want to build up a community. The community in which we can talk about our successes, experiences and “weirdnesses”. Thanks to this community our clients know what to expect from us and how we do our job.

There are people, who are interested in mobile app development, in our community but also clients who does not need to know technical details. 

We know that building up a community is not a matter of weeks or months. That’s why we don’t slow down. We publish, we ask and we care. For example on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Internal work instead of scattering

We didn’t want to spend huge sums on marketing stuff. So we decided to focus on effectiveness and instead of a marketing agency, we did it internally with the help of external specialists. 

We are happy to get advice from the Foxy marketing agency from time to time, which we thank for all the good tips. 

We have our own circle of loyal external specialists. For example, Martin Hill cares about our SEO, and a copywriter Bára Nováková makes our texts perfect. 

Thanks to these cooperations and all people in Dactyl Group, we had kicked our social networks and stirred our blog. And your positive feedback shows us that we should continue.

Our key to success?

We have no universal key we are mainly testing and evaluating. Everyone in marketing should be oriented in a couple of basic tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Business Manager.

Which makes us sense is to release content that helps our clients (and not only them).

For example, we publish interviews with development personalities on our blog. We had asked for example a captain of Freelo Karel Dytrych. We also write useful tips and interesting facts. You can read with us how much the app will cost you or how to choose the right supplier for development.

Being ourselves works just fine

It worked for us to be ourselves. Don’t be afraid of making fun of ourselves. That’s why you could have seen Dactyl employee Adam parodying Wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus. We also introduce you to Dactyl slang, which is sometimes an art to understand.

If you haven’t seen any of this yet, you are losing a lot. Visit our Facebook or Instagram.

We are from Brno which is why we support local businessmen. It is not a secret that we are happy to go to the Garden Food Concept for lunch and in summer we cool ourselves with drinks from People from the bar at the Na Brno dobrý stand. Even the Dactyl logo in our office was made by a workshop from Brno called Fablab.

What can you look forward to?

Even in the future, we are going to share useful advice and stuff about who we are. We are planning to add videos and interaction with you. You will gradually get to know every daktyl employee. 

Our best vision is to remove from people’s lives absurd situations by using modern technologies. We want to make people’s lives easier thanks to our apps and save their time. That is the reason why we started a project called Digitalizujeme Česko. In this project, we show companies in which areas they waste their time and money and how to change it. Get to know digitalization too! 

And don’t forget to follow us. We are looking for meeting you on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.