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Website for ČPZP: Secured better than MI6

Imagine that you have 1,2 million customers. From mothers to granddads. 
All of them came to your website where everyone has to orient there. And your task is to bulletproofly protect their data

Sounds like a tough one? It was. We have created a website for Czech industrial health insurance company, the third-largest insurance company in our country. 10 dactyl mates worked on it at one moment. 

How did they deal with this challenge? Let’s read about it.

One challenge after another

We knew from the beginning that it would take a lot of work to make ČPZP website. That was something exactly for us, we love challenges!

What did we have to deal with?

  • We have connected the website to the extensive ČPZP system.
  • ČPZP manages sensitive data which requires top security
  • Doctors need to have access to the question section.
  • Website needed to be well-arranged, even on older browsers.
  • An app that we have made gets data from the website.
  • The website will face a huge pressure that he has to handle. 

We were making a website that will serve ČPZP for years. The previous one was outdated, slow, and extremely confusing. 

That's why we have built it on the most modern technology which will work for years. 

Clear and simple

It is easy to orient on the new website for:

  • The customers, who register or buy travel insurance.
  • The doctors, who answer patients' questions.
  • The ČPZP employees, who manage content and advertising spots on the website. 

We have designed UX improvement and made the website more well-arranged for all users. You would look for anything on the old website for a few minutes, now you just need a few clicks. 

Security just like for the MI6

We protect patients' data better than James Bond protects British Queen. 

  • They are being sent to a backup store every 10 minutes.
  • We have chosen advanced security features.
  • We have made a penetration test to be sure that there is no way to attack the website.

The penetration test can act like a stick that we throw under our feet. It searches for holes in our own work. But in the case of an insurance company, there is not enough caution and every discovered hole is an opportunity for us to improve

Work for 10 Dactyl mates

Ten of Dactyl mates have worked on the ČPZP website at one moment. We had a relentless deadline and yet zero opportunity to use simple solutions. When it comes to the third-largest insurance company in the Czech Republic, the website must be top in all respects. We have used our own DactylCMS system for content management, which allows a wide range of adjustments, convenient, complete, and especially fast content administration.

We are all the more proud of the result. And we are not finished with the handover. 

We still manage and develop the website for ČPZP and come up with ideas for how to improve it.

Deal with your website properly. Like ČPZP.

Half solutions are not for you. Solve the web properly - modern, well-arranged, simply with Dactyl.

Contact us. We will discuss with you how we can help you.