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Mobile application as a remote control - Popp Control

Company POPP s.r.o. is engaged in the production of high quality pool enclosures with timeless design and remote-controlled electric drive including integrated drive control via mobile app for Android and iOS platforms.  After many successful years in the market, Popp has decided to completely rebuild the electronic enclosure drive control unit as part of the innovation. During this project, we were entrusted with rewriting the existing mobile application for controlling the roof over Bluetooth to the improved BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) standard. Among other things, the requirement was to preserve the existing design, which is usually more demanding than creating a new one.

The mobile application is able to pair with the enclosure automatically after first connection. This interaction making control really user friendly - user doesn't have to search the Bluetooth device in the list repeatedly.  If the user owns multiple pools, he is able to name them in the application and simply choose from the list which one wants to control now. In addition, the next time you open the application, it connects to the last one selected intuitively. Furthermore of controlling the enclosure motors, the user can also read from the mobile application the current status information he would not detect from normal operation, such as temperature, battery charge of the control unit, or the remaining time to open and close the pool.

Besides the standard user part of the application, which is mainly used by pool owners, we have also developed a service part for the Android platform, which serves technicians for the correct installation, configuration and diagnostics of the enclosure. For example, a technician can analyze the current magnitude of the motor currents in the plotted graph, reset various parts of the control unit, or adjust the motor corrections according to the maximum values of the measured currents.

For the purpose of simulating the control of enclosures and wireless communication we have been loaned a specimen of the control unit for the entire development period of the mobile application. Subsequently, it was necessary to test applications for real installation under standard conditions directly in the showroom of the company in Velké Bílovice, where they have several types of enclosures.

Our application partnership carry on with Popp company. The control units and the entire system are continually improved, expanded and the mobile application is maintained compatible with new firmware versions.

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