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Veletrhy Brno, a.s. (BVV) is a traditional company that provides business service in organizing fairs and exhibitions in its exhibition center. Veletrhy Brno continues in tradition, which has begun in Brno in 1928 by an exhibition of contemporary culture in Czechoslovakia.

Modern technological age demands constant innovation of funds for the presentation of organized events and that was also a reason why a client contacted us in 2017 with mobile app development, which will provide sufficient comfort and fast supply of information to their visitors and exhibitors.

1 back-end
2 mobile app ( on two different platforms)
3 web front-ends

There was a mobile app at the beginning

The app became famous thanks to its various functions - you can easily find every exhibition spot and never get lost. You can be navigated to a specific place. There is a complex list of exhibitors that ensure better orientation. You can set a meeting with these exhibitors through the app right at the exhibition center. You have all the important information in one place. You can find out the price of entry tickets, opening hours, and even where to park. 

The next task was much more complex and challenging. The client has decided to modernize a portal with information about exhibitions, related actions, exhibitionists, etc called This portal, in its current form, was obsolete due to technological standards. It wasn't also intuitive for users or even for administrators and was not connected with other platforms that the client uses. 

Multiple platforms, one system

The intention was to create a complex system based on various applications (mobile and web) that are connected to the client’s information systems. The system was built on DactylCMS which is used as a backend medium for content management of a mobile app. We have implemented every function of content management into a new iCatalog, which draws data information (about exhibitions) from the internal system of BVV.

An interesting task was processing maps to show the specific location of the exhibitor’s stand on the exhibition or also the location of parking and entrances. We draw a position of each element based on coordinates on a background Google maps. We get these coordinates from the client through GeoJSON.

The new iCatalog also allows customers to directly purchase a ticket to connected entertainment of the exhibition. We have developed a simple and effective shopping process that is connected to the client's payment gateway and then to his ERP. Next, also simplified and optimized for users, is a front-end. It's an internal web which is designed for selling tickets of connected entertainment on the venue of the exhibition. This front-end allows quick check-in of customers and also includes a print of the tickets which a registered customer can find after purchase in his mobile application. 

We have implemented functionality of purchasing tickets on connected entertainments also into a mobile app which thanks to that got an important function and increased comfort for its users. 

We are selling tickets online and also offline. They can be managed and further organized in DactylCMS. An advantage of this system is that tickets that were bought on multiple platforms are displayed in a user account which is uniform across platforms. 

Schematic of all connected elements in a complex system

The tickets are using QR code technology that is validated by the client on the site through a mobile app, which was developed for this purpose. The process of validation is, thanks to optimized UX, very quick and effective. A service has available relevant information about a ticket. He can also leave the space for a while and then return to that action. 

The newest contribution to the complex system is another web front-end, which is designed for insertion and administration of data from festival Life visitors. This platform can identify a form, based on an inserted password, which will appear to the customer and he can add all required information. This information is preserved and administered in DactylCMS.

We always analyze and design at first and after that, we start to develop

The project is being developed by using agile methodology through our project management system. We are processing the client’s requirements in the order of hours to days. Then we prioritize them according to the requirements which are analyzed and we suggest optimal solutions. We can flexibly react to the client’s needs and keep the whole system logical and stable at the same time.

The whole team is connected to the developing system including analytics, UX designer, graphic designer, mobile app developers, front-end, and backend developers. The team is led by a project manager, who is in close contact with a client.

The system is being constantly updated and supplemented by new functionalities on individual platforms. Our goal is to keep and develop the whole system to be functional and friendly to both users of mobile apps, web interfaces, and administrators. Clients, who let us develop his project, trust is proof that we are doing our job right.

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