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We are ranked in the "Top Czech companies developing mobile applications" of the Clutch portal

We try to do quality work and establish friendly relations. We are proactive, we design alternatives, we can work overtime, in short, we do everything to make our customers enjoy the application at the time of its creation. We are therefore very pleased that our efforts have been noticed by the well-known world portal Clutch. He placed us in the top ten of the Czech ranking!

Clutch - An international platform for B2B reviews

It currently represents the work of 150,000 companies, which it classifies into more than 500 categories. Delivers in-depth reviews, data-based content, and recommends proven market leaders.

The goal of this portal/platform is simple - to help companies find qualified and experienced suppliers who will be dedicated to their projects. In addition to companies like us, specializing in website or application development, it focuses on the development and IT in general, advertising and marketing, human resources, business services, and more.

Dactyl Group work award

We have been developing applications since 2014. During that time, we have managed to deliver a really large number of solutions to our customers, and the number of projects we are working on is still growing. We are therefore very pleased that Clutch named us in the selection of the best in the whole Czech Republic. Every award counts, motivates us, and makes us happy. It is a great honor and something that will continue to propel us in the future.

We thank our clients and partners, without whom our success would not be possible. We appreciate your support and trust in Dactyl. In return, we promise to continue to actively work on our standard and provide you with great solutions.

Are you looking for partners for mobile application development? Don't look. We Dactyls are here to help. Contact us and talk about possible cooperation.

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