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Tour de Dactyl: Meet our developers (and join us)

You may be sitting behind your computer developing some cool app and wonder: “How does it look somewhere else?“
The good news, Dactyl opens his gates. Come and have a look at who and how we are developing.

At the beginning: We have free chairs

We are looking for:

Read today's tour de Dactyl, and if you think that we are cool, contact us. Or feel free to contact me, Siki.

I am Siki, nice to meet you (your today’s guide)

I am a leader of a team of developers at Dactyl, with whom I will introduce you today. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at
I like web development. I am interested in new technologies and like to follow new trends. But if I want to take a rest I will make a good cup of coffee and turn on the gramophone.
Is it only me, or did I really get 20 years older by the last sentence? Whatever, come meet other Dactyl mates. 

Q & A about Dactyl or What you’re probably interested in

What do we do?

We develop apps, complex websites, and business systems. We like to simplify old-fashioned processes by the software - so when we see that invoices are being manually rewritten in some company, we develop an app that solves it. 

What have we done?

For example, an app for Rock for People or Veletrhy Brno, the website for  Czech industrial health insurance company or software for Leviathan, witch whom you can configure your airsoft weapon.

Where is our residence? And do you have to be there too?

In the center of Brno. You have a chair here, but feel free to develop from Aš or Košice, it’s on you.

What about Dactyl and new technologies?

We like news, but we are not hasty. We always check the new technologies first before we start to use them.

Can you change things with us?

Of course! There is always a place for improvement, so if you are interested in new technology, we will give you time to study, test and present the advantages and disadvantages.

Who will you work with?

With our intern designers and developers. We create the entire app or website under one roof. This means that if something doesn't suit you in the design, you don't deal with it with an external company. You just get up, go to the designers and discuss it with them.

Who will you meet at Dactyl? Meet our Dactyl mates

There are 25 of us, so I won’t introduce all of them to you now. I will guide you through the development team – and feel free to come and meet others in person.

Web team

Our guy Kerky develops websites with me. He is one of the founders of Dactyl and also our showman. He figures out a solution to everything, even if he sees the problem for the first time. At the same time, he can catch one word in a sentence and unwind a story from which you can laugh all day.

Honza takes care of servers and makes sure that everything has bulletproof security. So, don’t come to him with a question “send me a password through slack” his vein could rapture. But he is always glad to help with anything. 
Anton and Tomáš are an inseparable couple. They are either both or neither in the office.  Nowadays it is more likely neither because they are approaching the master’s degree at VUT, so wish them luck! Anyway as soon as the situation allows, they will be happy to have a drink with you. 

Mobile team

Our lead android developer is called Vojta. He is an invincible technician master. Vojta likes historical swordplay and he likes making cheese. He sometimes takes a sword to our office. It’s interesting that he never threatens us with cheese. 

If you like rap, you will get along with android developer Andrej. If there is something that he doesn't like he just goes and solves it. Last time he didn't like covid restriction in Slovakia, so he developed an app Nariadenia Automatu.

Lukáš and René are our new colleagues, they work only remotely. They both have a lot of experience so I am looking forward to meeting them in person so we can discuss our tips from the practice. 

We have two guys on iOS: Tomáš and Kevin.
Tomáš is not afraid of height or work. He climbs mountains in his free time and in Dactyl he is willing to help anybody any time. 

You can meet Kevin in the interview if you are an iOS developer. He likes good coffee and automatization (good combination, right?). He is now dealing with the automatization release of the apps on AppStore. 

We miss only you

What do you develop? What do you like to do? Contact us and join us. How?

PS: Don't be afraid that our developers are just the boys. We also have a lot of girls on the team and we are happy to hire more. We only care about your skill.

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