PRAGUE Travel Guide

Official Prague tourist guide

Official Prague tourist guide

Let's discover Prague, have fun with Prague Visitor Guide. Visit places, only locals know where to find.

Prague Visitor Guide is user friendly app not only for foreign visitors and tourists. This official tour guide helps you to discover beautiful places, that common tour guide does not know. Integrated map is useful in every situation, even if you are offline. As a bonus, you can also play adventurous game, thanks to which you can experience Prague in fun and action way. Game can be also set up according to the number of days, you are planning to stay in Prague and the system will automatically compare your results with other visitors.

Our role

  • Analysis
  • UI design
  • UX design
  • Development
  • Backend

Delivered solution

  • Android App
  • iOS app
  • Web Administration
  • Presentation website
  • Technical support

The capital city of Prague

The project was realized for the capital city Prague within the concept of a Smart City. The customer was Operátor ICT, a.s., a subsidiary of the Capital City, which covers implementation of the IT projects.


The aim was to create the tour guide for the visitors and also local citizens. It should be offline functionable and fully manageable thru the web administration. It should entertain its users, therefore the gamification elements were added. The project was in the state of concept, and our task was to do the depth analysis, design and create the solution in appropriate quality in the two phase process.


From the concept to the publication in record time.

The most important part of the solution was analysis and design. Prague came up with the concept of a mobile application. It contained only a list of features that should be available to the user. The whole project timeframe was set for four months. Prior to the development, detailed analysis, wireframes and entire system architecture took place. In this we have solved the map with navigation, route browsing, creating of information pages itselves and game elements. All this while maintaining the functionality of the application without an internet connection.

When the design was clear and the graphics were ready, we started to develop web administration and native mobile applications for Android and iOS. We delivered whole system to the client within a set deadline, despite several change requests we obtained during the development phase.

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4 months
From vision to product

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