• A radio that's popular all around the world, with tens of thousands of listeners, aimed at athletes, body builders, and basically everyone who loves exercise.

    Gym-Radio example

    The application offers three streams, which accompany its listeners during various activities. The first stream is intended for active exercise, e. g. running, the second for casual training in the gym, and the third as a motivation during extreme workout.

    The new version of the application includes other functions apart from playing music, such as recording songs to your device with the possibility of playing it offline later, or a training mode.

What does the client think about it?

"Dactyl knows what it means to provide services of high quality. Android development is at a first-class level, the application is already being used by over 150.000 people worldwide. VPS hosting is the only one in the Czech republic that manages to comply with our immense requirements on streaming and stability."

Ondrej Kuchta

Founder of GYM Team s.r.o.

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