BVV Trade Fairs

Official trade fair guide at the BVV Trade Fairs Brno

Official trade fair guide at the BVV Trade Fairs Brno

Let guide yourself through the trade fairs with no worries. The application BVV Trade Fairs will procure everything for you.

Thanks to the application, you can easily find every single exhibitor and you will never get lost. You can navigate yourself to a specific location. Complete list of exhibitors ensures better orientation. You can now arrange an appointment with an exhibitor through the application directly at the exhibition grounds. Application provides all important information in one place. It allows you to find the price of the tickets, opening hours and places to park easily. It serves both visitors and exhibitors.

Our role

  • Analysis
  • UI design
  • UX design
  • Development
  • Backend

Delivered solution

  • Android App
  • iOS app
  • Web Administration
  • Technical support

Veletrhy Brno, a.s.

The project was realized for BVV, the largest exhibition center in the Czech Republic.

We were working with Dactyl Group company on the project of development a new mobile application for sharing information about our events including online services for both visitors and exhibitors. The developer was able to deliver the first working version in a very short time. We are quite satisfied with the way of developing the app, when design of screens and its logic is discussed with us first. Therefore we know exactly what we are going to get before programming itself is started.

Martin Kaspar, CIO, Veletrhy Brno, a.s.

One thousand and one systems

BVV is the largest and most important exhibition center in the Czech Republic and it should correspond to its presentation in the online world. BVV created a unique mobile application for each of the selected events and fairs, which was a costly and hard-to-maintain concept. Our duty was to create a single mobile application that will serve together for all fairs and events at the exhibition grounds.The request for the app was ability to download new data from the administration of the existing BVV systems and at the same time possibility to enter the data manually.


Delivered solution

Before launching mobile application development, we designed an administration environment. To do this, we had to analyze the state and structure of current BVV systems. It was technically challenging to combine the requirements for using the application under the exhibitor's profile. It was important for a user with this profile to invite their colleagues to become also an exhibitor. At the same time, we have ensured that one exhibitor can be in this role at multiple trade fairs and several exhibiting companies. The key elements of the application are also registration, chat, and the exhibitors meeting feature.

Using our DactylMCMs, we have incorporated BVV systems into the administration. At the same time, we've ensured that the app works offline. It is also worth mentioning the solution of a map. It shows the details of the exhibition center with the positions of individual exhibition areas. You can click and view the detail of the exhibitor and let the app navigate you to the choosen location.

1 000 000
Visitors every year
Trade fairs and events every year

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