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Flutter developer

If you can write an app in Flutter, you probably like efficiency as much as we do. So come work with us on projects that eliminate absurdity! We say stop the paperwork, the queues and the waiting. We know that apps can help with anything. Come roll them with us!

What we expect

  • You have experience with Flutter framework and Dart programming language.
  • You don't have to be a senior with years of experience, but we expect at least some experience with developing mobile apps in this cross-platform framework.
  • You know what the REST API is and you know how to work with it.
  • You have an overview of what WebSockets are and how they differ from API communication.
  • You have also met Firebase and Firestore at least marginally.
  • Experience with native development for Apple or Android is nice, but not necessary.


What are we working on?

  • We create web portals, complex systems, and mobile applications.
  • We often connect mobile applications to external HW via Bluetooth. For example, we work on synchronizing data from smartwatches, opening bike boxes, controlling the roof of a swimming pool, or on airsoft guns.
  • Our clients are smaller startups, but also large companies such as Trade Fairs Brno, Czech Telecommunications Office, Philips, Czech Industrial Health Insurance Company, and others. Check out our references here.

We offer

  • Decent money. 40-80,000 a month, depending on your experience.
  • Meaningful work. We don't work on crap, but on apps that give head and heel, for solid clients. 
  • The assurance that your word means something. Because we support good ideas and thoughts.
  • Budget for your own technique and for self-education.
  • The opportunity to decide on the technologies used and to be involved in the development from the very beginning.
  • A place among experienced developers who form a close-knit team.
  • Flexible working hours. 
  • A group of people who understand each other humanly, are straightforward, and like to meet after work.

"We know how to make each other happy at work. If we're not celebrating the launch of a new project, we'll find another occasion - International Hamster Day, the birthday of the King of Thailand, or other important anniversaries. The crew at Dactyl simply sit down and pull together. Sometimes when things go wrong, we don't crumble and look for solutions to get through it together. And that's what our Dactyl atmosphere is all about, you have to experience it." — Petr, Project Manager



Join us, be a dactyl mate

Tell us a little about yourself, including a sample of your code (maybe a link to GitHub) and your CV or LinkedIn. Drop it to or use the form below. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Where you will work

Peek into our offices which are placed in the middle of Brno. We enjoy most the friendly atmosphere and family environment. We love common breakfasts and toasts to important events. We play games together over LAN and on the PlayStation, which is in our relax lounge. Apply for one of the job positions and you can be part of all this.

Interested? Apply now

Nothing is lost for asking and our interviews are very friendly.