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Constitutional Court’s website: From zero to hundred in 2 seconds

You came to the website – and see nothing.

After 5 seconds the first outlines appear. After 10 seconds some text. You want to give up after another 15 seconds but you can’t. The website of the Constitutional Court is loading in front of you and you need to see its latest judgment.

The visitors of the Constitutional court’s website experienced something like this recently. Then we took the website to our hands. Nowadays it runs perfectly and also has some improvements which are completely invisible for you.
How? We will tell you. 

The outdated system was a thread for the whole system

The Constitutional Court's website relied on an old system that its original supplier stopped supporting. That led to many problems:

  • Security risks, because the system errors no one had repaired.
  • Slow web, the home page was loading for about 20 seconds.
  • The outdated system was extremely confusing.

At Dactyl, we like to make everything slow and outdated more efficient. So we rubbed our hands over a demanding task, rolled up our sleeves, and set to work. 

Important invisible changes

We have one good and one bad news for you. 
Good: Our website improvement was successful. Now it runs like lightning, it loads 2 seconds instead of 20.
Bad: You will probably never see the changes made by Dactyl on Constitutional Court’s website. We have worked on the part of the website where only administrators and judges have access. 

We have transformed the Constitutional Court into a new, modern system. We have rebuilt the graphics of the internal system so that everyone is oriented in it
The website is now easier to manage. Judges and other people from the court will quickly find the necessary information there. And we know that our solution will serve the court for years.

At Dactyl, we will take care of the administration and development of the website.

So that the website won’t crash when the whole Czech republic is interested

You can imagine a normal Monday on the Constitutional Court’s website. A few people are looking for some older judgments but otherwise, it’s quiet. But then the Constitutional Court will comment on the anti-corona provisions. Within a few hours, half of the republic (with exaggeration) will visit the website.

The website is now prepared for situations like this. We made sure that it won’t crash by the influx of visitors and passed the information to them reliably.

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